Full Time Undergraduate Fees

Student Fees comprise of the following three elements:

  • Student Contribution Charge
  • Union of Students in Ireland (USI) Levy
  • Tuition Fees



Student Contribution Charge

The Student Contribution Charge for the academic year 2022/2023 is €3,000 this is an annual charge which is set by the Government for all full-time third level students.

Students can apply to Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) for a grant which, if approved, may cover 100% of the Student Contribution Charge. For information on Grants please click below.





Union of Students in Ireland (USI) Levy

The USI membership levy is €7.00 This Levy is not covered by a SUSI grant and must be paid before the start of Semester 1.


EU Tuition Fees

Many undergraduate students attending publicly funded third-level courses do not have to pay tuition fees. Under the terms of the Free Fees Initiative, the Government will pay these fees to the colleges instead.


Students undertaking a second undergraduate course, non-EU students, students studying by ACCS mode and students taking a year of a course for a second time (i.e. repeating a year/level) may be liable for tuition fees.


Students who have previously attended another third level course must complete a previous college form and submit it to the fees office so we can determine your tuition fee liability.


The following are the tuition fees for 2022/2023



Annual EU Tuition Fee Rate

Higher Certificate (Level 6)  €250
Ordinary Degree (Level 7)  €250
Honours Degree (Level 8)  €819
Honours Degree - Architecture or Engineering (Level 8)  €1,450



For Fees purposes students are classified into one of the following 3 Categories:

  1. Free Fees Scheme: Student is liable for the Student Contribution charge and the USI levy.
  2. EU Fees: Student is liable for the Student Contribution charge, the USI levy and the EU Tuition Fees.
  3. Non EU Fees: Any student who does not meet the conditions of Free Fees or EU Fees will be liable for Non-EU Fees, regardless of nationality or citizenship. Students classified for fee purposes as Non-EU will not be permitted to change their fee status following admission.


Please go to the following link to check which category you will be assessed under:

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