Engaging Students Through Enterprise Societies

Engaging Students Through Enterprise Societies


Thursday November 27th

DIT, Aungier St Dublin  


Target Audience

Student body, Student union representatives, enterprise societies, enactus, and other societies with an interest in entrepreneurial outcomes, members of academic staff involved with student led entrepreneurial activities. 

Key learning Outcomes

The aim of this seminar is to equip participants with:

An insight in to successful student enterprise initiatives from various HEIs across Ireland, highlighting the objectives, process and outcome of these initiatives.
A deeper awareness of the knowledge transfer techniques in place that aim to seamlessly drive the enterprise initiatives on campus.
An appreciation of how the learning outcomes of extra-curricular enterprise and society activities in HEIs  can contribute to students successfully transitioning out of HE as entrepreneurial,  creative, innovative and work-ready young adults.
A platform to exchange shared experiences and shared learning from experienced students across Ireland with the overall aim of strengthening the national support system for third level students.


The development of engaging enterprise initiatives across third level institutes is vital to raise the entrepreneurial ambitions and nurture enterprising capabilities of students. This seminar will showcase the outputs from The Engaged Student Project, which was part of the Accelerating Campus Entrepreneurship (ACE) initiative, recently reconstituted as Campus Entrepreneurship Enterprise Network (CEEN). CEEN’s mission is to be the national network for promoting and developing entrepreneurship education, at higher level, with a primary focus of creating the entrepreneurial graduate.  The overall aim of The Engaged Student Project was to deliver a sustainable infrastructure for both engaging students and facilitating their participation in entrepreneurial activities.  This sustainable infrastructure can be facilitated by the establishment of a strong Enterprise Society infrastructure, which will not only sustain student led activities but also enable HEIs and external partners and sponsors to work effectively with the student body.  One of the key outputs from the project was a tool kit to support staff and students in establishing vibrant student-led societies and groups. 

A unique aspect of this seminar is the peer to peer student learning where a range of various successful initiatives from HEIs in Ireland will be showcased and discussed.  There will be an opportunity to address the frequently asked questions from students and staff engaging or interested in engaging in these activities as well as on overview of the various knowledge transfer systems and support mechanisms available. 

Funded by the Teaching and Learning Forum under the Teaching & Learning National Seminar Series Scholarships

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