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Maths for Matures



This programme is targeted at mature applicants to MTU Cork. Entry to year 1 of all full time undergraduate Science and Engineering courses in MTU Cork requires mathematics as a minimum entry requirement. Mature applicants do not need to satisfy the minimum entry requirements. However, as a mature applicant you will need to demonstrate your level of competency in maths in your CAO application. This programme allows prospective mature students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability in mathematics when applying for full time undergraduate science/engineering courses in MTU Cork.


The MTU Cork Maths for Matures Programme consists of a 22 hour elementary mathematics course, including an assessment of the work covered, and a feedback session.

For further queries on the Maths for Matures Programme, please email maturestudent@cit.ie


Aims of the Maths for Matures Programme:

  • Familiarise prospective mature students with some of the mathematics that they will encounter in the first year of an engineering/science programme in MTU Cork.
  • Provide an opportunity to prospective mature students to demonstrate their ability in and aptitude for mathematics.
  • Provide the Head of Department with a test result which would demonstrate if the prospective mature student has a suitable aptitude for mathematics in relation to the course(s) being applied for in MTU Cork. The test result can be included in the student’s CAO application.


Important elements of the programme

  • Participants in the Maths for Matures programme must commit to attending the full programme, to include all classes, assessment, and feedback session.

  • The Maths for Matures Programme is limited to 25 places for mature applicants applying to CIT. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

  • Prospective students will be notified by email by regarding confirmation of a place on the programme.

  • On completion of the programme the student will have an assessment result that they can include with the CAO application should they wish to do so.

  • A good result on the Maths for Matures programme does not in itself guarantee entry onto the science/engineering course of your choice in MTU Cork.


This is a joint initiative of the Access Service, the Admissions Office and the Department of Mathematics, MTU Cork.




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