Parents Workshop Sessions

CIT Access Service recognises that parents have a very influential role in supporting their children through the education system. The education system and the choices available to leaving certificate students can be difficult to take in. In an effort to help parents, the CIT Access Service provides on campus information sessions for parents groups. Parents get an opportunity to tour the campus and over a cup of coffee parents are given information about the opportunities available to their children.

Study Skills Workshop for Parents
Even the best students can find secondary school overwhelming from time to time. Often parents are at a loss as to how they can provide the right kind of support.
During this presentation, parents are shown how to introduce a learning approach to their children which will guarantee a very smooth journey through secondary school. The session covers the following topics:

  • The difference between homework and study in secondary school
  • How to increase focus and concentration
  • Studying Smart vs Studying Hard
  • The importance of diet, sleep and exercise in maintaining academic progress
  • Approaches to memory to increase learning
  • Introduction to Mind Mapping and other learning tools

Studying in Cork- a Guide for Parents and Guardians can be found here



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