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Innovative and New Product Development

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering / Business Laboratories


Engineering an Innovation Eco-System

The engineering of a college-wide innovation eco-system at Cork Institute of Technology has led to a great flowering of Irish educational student achievement on both national and international stages, founding of start-up companies, developing a range of international award winning pipeline student innovative products and heralding a bright future for Irish innovation and entrepreneurship.



The development and delivery of ground-breaking Innovative and New Product Development Multi-Disciplinary Engineering / Business Laboratories modules and projects at Cork Institute of Technology has dovetailed with the implementation of major initiatives including: 


Innovative and New Product Development

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering / Business Laboratories Modules Developed


CIT Engineering and Innovation Exhibition

Europe's Largest Educational Engineering Event (200 stands in 2015 )


CIT Innovation Start-up Company Internships  

CIT Innovation Week and Student Prizes for Innovation 

CIT Ideas Hub Society 

CIT Rubicon Ireland's Premier Business Incubation Centre 

CIT MEDIC Medical Engineering Design and Innovation Centre 

CIT Nimbus Centre for Embedded Systems Research 

CIT Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence 


to engineer a college-wide student innovation eco-system. 


CIT Promotion of Women in Engineering and Entrepreneurship



CIT Graduate Louise Roe 

Ireland’s first female Engineers Ireland Chartered Engineer of the Year



Examples of developed knowledge-based student innovative products include:


CIT Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 Myles Murray 

Respiratory Rate Monitoring Device Development Company - PMD Solutions 

( now employing 11 ) was founded to develop 

  • innovative and patient friendly technologies to support health providers 
  • early prevention model of patient care



Wheelchair Enablement Device - PyraAid™ 


Drone Compatible Medication Container - MediPod™  


Music Creation Enablement Device for the Disabled - Musicability™  


Medical Infusion System Air Bubble Extractor - Med-O-Ware™ 


Swimming Aid for the Visually Impaired - AquaEye™ 


Terrain / Obstacle Detection System for the Visually Impaired - VisionRE™


Unmanned Marine Search and Rescue Vehicle


Extreme Weather Conditions Novel Tie-down System for Ship to Shore Cranes - Equaliser™   



Promotional Videos for Student Engagement created in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland / Invest Northern Ireland:





The CIT Prize for Innovation with awards totalling €10,000 per annum in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland Innovation Centres and the Cork City and County Enterprise Boards has been a major spur towards the promotion of an entrepreneurial/innovation ethos amongst the student body.


The attendance and participation of internationally renowned entrepreneurs and alternative thinkers, such as Edward De Bono, is designed to provide inspiration and example. 

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