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Full-time Applications

How do I apply for a Full-time Year 1 course in CIT?

  • EU Applications to Year 1 full-time programmes must be made through the Central Applications Office (CAO) in Galway,, telephone: 091 509800. The closing date is 1st February, or for late applications, 1st May (apart from certain restrictions, see below). A change of mind can be made by 1st July (apart from certain restrictions, see below). If there are vacant places available on some courses, they will be listed on the CAO website from the end of August onwards - applications may be made for those courses through the CAO in August.
  • If you are already attending a 3rd level Institution, and wish to apply for Year 1 of another course, you must apply via the CAO. If you decide to apply after 1st May (late deadline) you will need to download  the form from the CAO website, have the form stamped by your current institution, and send back to the CAO before 22nd July.


I am a Mature applicant, how do I apply for a full-time course in CIT?

  • A mature applicant is one who is over 23 years of age on or before 1st January of the year of application.
  • There is an additional assessment procedure to determine the eligibility of mature applicants for courses in CIT, however, in the first instance, all mature applicants must apply by 1st February via the CAO for entry to 1st year full-time courses. It is not essential to satisfy minimum requirements. Mature students who apply after 1st February will not be assessed as mature students and will have to satisfy minimum requirements through their Leaving Certificate (or international equivalent) or FETAC points.

The exceptions are:
► Higher Certificate in Business for Mature Students - Apply online at course/CRBBUSE6       
     Enquiries to E: T: 021 433 5806
► Higher Certificate in Good Manufacturing Practice - Apply online at course/CRSGMPR6Y1  
     Enquiries to E: T: 021 433 5150


I have a learning difference, medical condition or disability, how do I apply to DARE?

  • All applicants are welcome at CIT. CIT is part of the DARE (Disability Access Route to Education)  scheme which is offers eligible applicants with learning differences, health conditions and disabilities reduced points places on Full-time Year 1 programmes based on their Leaving Certificate results– see for more information.
  • Applicants applying for DARE must:
  1. Be under the age of 23 as of 1 January for September entry. 
  2. Apply for Full-time Year 1 programmes  via the CAO system by 17:15 on 1 February.
  3. No later than 17:15 on 1 March, disclose your disability and/or specific learning difficulty in your CAO application and fully and correctly complete Section A of the Supplementary Information Form (SIF).
  4. Complete all documentation required (section B and section C/ reports) and return to CAO to arrive by 17:15 on 1 April.
  • For more information about the places available under DARE in CIT please see  Please email queries to or phone the CAO on 091 4509800 or the CIT Disability Support Service on 021 433 5107/5137.


I am a Foreign applicant, how do I apply for a full-time course in CIT?

Foreign Applicants from both within and from outside the EU are very welcome in CIT.

  • All applicants presenting qualifications from outside of Ireland, England and Wales must apply for Full-time Year 1 programmes  via the CAO system by 1st February, or for late applications, 1st May. Note: there is no change of mind facility after 1st May for those presenting foreign qualifications.
  • If you are a non-EU student applying from abroad, please click here for how to apply. Please email the CIT International Office with your enquiries. CIT International website:
  • If you wish to be assessed as a mature student (over 23 on 1st January for September entry), you must apply by 1st February and there is no late application facility.

ERASMUS: Please send queries to  or phone 00 353 21 433 6689.


Qualifications & Certificates

You must send certified copies of your qualifications to the CAO. Where the original document is issued in a language other than English, you must send certified copies of an English translation to the CAO. If you receive an offer from CIT, you must present the original certificates to the Admissions office in September.

For information on how points are calculated for qualifications from your country, go to, click on Applicant Scoring, and choose your country.

Non-EU applicants: If you are a non-EU student applying from abroad, please email with your enquiries. Please visit the CIT International website for more information. Please note that there are both academic and residency conditions governing the offer of places to non-EU applicants. Non-EU students are required to produce a Study Visa from the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform for the course for which they have applied. For conditions attached to acquiring this please refer to the following website:

For costs/payment queries please contact the Finance Office telephone 00353 21 4335449, website fees or email Those non-EU applicants who wish to be assessed for EU Fees, should present a valid Stamp 4 card, and documentary evidence of having lived in the Eu for 3 out of the previous 5 years to the September entry.

For Accommodation queries please contact

For further queries regarding non-EU applicants, please contact the International Office at, or telephone 00353 21 4335300. Alternatively, contact the Admissions Office in CIT, email: or telephone: 00353 21 4335040.

I have a QQI/FET qualification, can I apply for a CIT full-time Year 1 course?

FEQQI/FET applicants with level 5 or level 6 qualifications are very welcome to apply for courses in CIT.
Application must be made via the CAO in the normal way. There is a separate points system in place for FETAC applicants which is different from the CAO Leaving Certificate points scheme. Information on the FETAC points system is available on the CAO website at, under FETAC. Click here to view FETAC Entry requirements Sept 2017 for CIT. We will shortly have a link here to requirements for Sept 2018.

What is the closing date for applications to full-time Year 1 programmes?

The closing date for applications to Year 1 via the CAO is 1st February.
The late closing date for applications to most courses via the CAO is 1st May.

The following courses must be applied for by 1st February:

  • CR210 Contemporary Applied Art, (Ceramics, Glass, Textiles) (portfolio required)
  • CR220 Fine Art (portfolio required)
  • CR600 Visual Communications (portfolio required)
  • CR121 Music (Music entrance test)
  • CR125 Popular Music: Electric Bass Guitar (Entrance Exam)
  • CR126 Popular Music: Drums (Entrance Exam)
  • CR127 Popular Music: Electric Guitar (Entrance Exam)
  • CR128 Popular Music: Keyboards (Entrance Exam)
  • CR129 Popular Music: Voice (Entrance Exam)
  • CR700 Theatre and Drama Studies (practical assessment).

For further information, please consult the CIT Full-time Prospectus.

Available/Vacant Places

  • Sometimes there are places available on particular courses. Check the CAO website from mid-August onwards, and apply directly through the CAO.

Where do I find full details and entry requirements for CIT courses?


(This relates to Year 1 full-time courses only)

What is the Points system and how does it work?

  • The Points system is a method of calculating a value for grades obtained in the Irish Leaving Certificate or FETAC qualification for each subject taken.
  • The Central Applications Office (CAO) in Galway operates this system on behalf of all third level colleges in Ireland. For full details on the Points system please refer to either the CAO Handbook or the relevant section in the CIT full-time Prospectus.

Where can I find the CAO Points Scoring System?

  • The CAO Points Scoring System is available in the CAO Handbook, the CIT full-time Prospectus or on both the CAO and the CIT websites. The points requirements for previous years can be seen.

What are cut-off points?

  • Cut-off points are calculated by applying a scoring system to the grades obtained in the Irish Leaving Certificate or FETAC qualification. There are different scoring systems for the Irish Leaving Certificate and for FETAC qualifications. The purpose of cut-off points is to establish a ranking order for applicants for courses within the CAO system.
  • Cut-off points are only relevant where the numbers of qualified applicants for a course exceed the available places.

Where can I get further information on cut-off points?

  • CIT Round 1 cut-off points for the previous year are available inside the back cover of the CIT full-time Handbook and on the CAO website,, under Points.


I am a student of another Institute of Technology or University, how do I apply to transfer to a Post Year 1 course in CIT?

  • If you wish to apply for the second or subsequent year of a course in CIT you must complete apply by 1st May. The applicaiton procedure will be clarified here shortly. When applying, attach your results, or forward them as soon as they become available. Alternatively contact the Admissions Office for a form: email or telephone: 021 4335040.

How do I get information on Postgraduate programmes in CIT?

  • Information is available here. A list of Taught postgraduate courses is available here. Further enquiries concerning applications to Postgraduate programmes should be made to the relevant Head of Department or

Postgraduate Research

  • The School of Graduate Studies will answer any general queries, tel: (00353) 021 4335099 or email  Contact the department you are interested in directly for more specific queries on a programme or research opportunity.  You can find the contact details of departments by visiting the link: CIT Faculties and Colleges on the CIT website.