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Withdrawing / Deferring from Course


I have been offered a place via the CAO - how do I defer my course for a year?


  • 1st year undergraduate applicants who have been offered a place via the CAO must follow the deferral procedures outlined in the CAO Handbook. Contact CIT Admissions with your request without delay by emailing Give your reason for requesting a deferral.

I am already attending classes in CIT, how do I apply for a deferral of my classes for a year?

  • You are advised to contact the Careers  Office, telephone: 4335772, email:, and follow the advice given there.


To apply for a deferral for 2017/2018 Academic Year, a Deferral Application Form must be completed and returned to the CIT Admissions office by 31st October 2017, or 28th Feb. for deferring Sem 2.



I would like to withdraw from my course.  How do I apply to withdraw?

  • Students who wish to withdraw need to complete a Course Withdrawal Form which can be downloaded from the Useful Documents above, or are available from the Admissions Office. The date upon which you withdraw affects whether or not you are entitled to a partial refund of fees (note: 31st October and 28th February are a particularly important dates for Full-time students). There may also be implications for the charges if you choose to return to third level education in the future. Inform Admissions  if you are withdrawing. Please contact the Accounts department with any fees queries, tel: 021 4335440, or email