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CIT Alumni Exclusives

the CIT Joint Mentorship Programme

The CIT Joint Mentorship Programme is a voluntary, extra-curricular activity for all undergraduate students and post graduate students.  It is facilitated by the CIT Alumni Relations Office and the CIT Careers  Service.

CIT Alumni of the week 

We hope that you are as proud of your Alma Mater as we are of you, and that you might be interested in helping us by sending us your updated profile summary and photograph.

CIT Alumni Awards 2014

CIT Alumni continue to make enormous contributions via their chosen life paths and their achievements reflect enormously well on their alma mater.  The CIT Alumni Awards took place on Friday 10th October 2014. 

graduation selfie station 2016

The CIT Alumni Office presented the inaugural Graduation Selfie Station for the 2016 graduating classes. It was available to all graduating schools and faculties to promote a party like celebration for their special day. The Selfie Station took place in October 2016.