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Certificate in Industrial Measurement and Control

Certificate in Industrial Measurement and Control



This course is centred on the principles of operation and applications of the diverse instrumentation used to measure, control and automate processes and systems throughout industry and society. Within process industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, beverages and water, instrument engineering contributes significantly to quality, safety, productivity and efficiency.


Course Structure

This multi-disciplinary course provides a comprehensive foundation of physical science, mathematics, electronics, measurement technology and information technology on which a range of specialist instrument engineering modules are developed. There is a continual emphasis throughout the course on the design standards and best practice relevant to instrument engineering.

Career Opportunities


Graduates typically work as Instrument Engineers, Automation Engineers or Control Engineers within chemical,
pharmaceutical, biotechnology, oil/gas, food, beverage and water treatment companies that use instrumentation to improve productivity, safety, reliability, quality, etc.

Significant employment opportunities exist for graduates in the many companies that design, manufacture and supply instrumentation to the above industries as well as with the engineering consultancies and systems integrators who provide such industries with turn-key solutions to their manufacturing challenges.

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Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics & Instrumentation (evening)

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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Instrument Engineering (evening)

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