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Arts in Health and Education

Over the past twenty years CIT Crawford College of Art & Design has established a strong Art Therapy programme situated in the Department of Arts in Health & Community Practice which provides opportunities for experiencing, learning and training in the Art Therapy process.

Pioneering art therapy training in Ireland, the Department operates a Summer School in Art Therapy, an accredited Certificate in Principles and Theory in Art Therapy, and a Master of Arts in Art Therapy, which continues to be the only professional training course of its kind in Ireland. Other accredited certificates offered by the Department include the Certificate in Arts in Group Facilitation, with a community art remit, and the Certificate in Creativity & Change, supported by Irish Aid funding.

The Department also runs Art Therapy Introductory Days.

We are committed to providing creative educational training through experiential workshops, backed up by seminars and lectures.




At postgraduate level, the Department offers the MA in Art Therapy (ATHPY_9_Y1), a 90-credit Level 9 Masters programme, as well as opportunities for MA by research in areas related to Art(s) Therapy and in Community/ Social Arts Practice.




The Department has strong links with an art therapy practice in Cape Town, South Africa, and a number of students have travelled there as part of the programme in recent years.

The Department also runs an Erasmus-funded Intensive programme with partner universities in Germany (University of Kassel), the Netherlands (University of Amsterdam) and Northern Ireland (the University of Ulster.





Louise Foott

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