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Certificate in Digital Marketing (Level 8)

This short programme uses an innovative blend of real-world situations and problems to assist participants in exploring the opportunities of the digital environment. 

The programme is structured to ensure that participant’s time is used wisely and entails a variety of speakers drawn from the business world.  An innovative blend of lectures, seminars, workshops and labs is used to ensure that the programme is relevant, engaging and enjoyable.


Course available in either in-class (Bishopstown Campus) or online modes



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The Certificate in Digital Marketing is a 15 week part-time programme entailing lab work, seminars and live-case work that is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and confidence required to successfully market business in a digital environment. 

The industry focus of the programme coupled with the applied nature of teaching provides practical bedrock of knowledge and experience which can be used to immediate effect in a multitude of business contexts. Participants will explore various social media platforms, website technologies (including mobile), analysis tools and much more to develop a toolbox of skills that is valuable and readily usable in both B2C and B2B environments.




The programme involves 4 modules (5 credits each)

  • Digital Marketing Environment – This module explores the current marketing landscape with emphasis on the challenges posed by the digital context in which many businesses are now operating. This module is delivered using workshops and seminars.
  • Digital Advertising and Social Media – This practical lab based module will enable students to formulate an integrated digital marketing communications campaign. Students will also learn how to leverage a company's presence on social media platforms to generate more connections and build relationships with customers.
  • Website Optimisation and Analytics – Many businesses are using inefficient and outdated websites that perform poorly in terms of search engine optimisation. This module will focus on the development of websites using existing technologies such as Wordpress and similar content management systems. Participants will explore how to integrate add-ons such as PayPal and social media content with a view to optimising the website from a usability search engine optimisation perspective.
  • Applied Digital Marketing Strategy – This module acts as a capstone on the certificate and draws together learning from the above areas with a particular focus on developing a strategic context for content, technology and alternative platforms.


The programme has been developed to ensure that participants are developing sustainable skills and knowledge that underpin digital marketing.
Specifically, the programme aims:

  • To develop knowledge of digital marketing tools  and technologies in the context of the strategic direction of a business;
  • To integrate traditional marketing principles into marketing activity in online and mobile environments;
  • To apply practical skills to web design to ensure optimised web/mobile platforms using SEO and content management strategies.


Admission Requirements

Eligible applicants are those who hold a level 7 or level 8 degree or relevant experience in an industry role
Candidates will need to undertake an interview before admission.



Applications must be made online using the “Apply Now” link at course/CRBDMRK8


Timing Details

Participants will attend classes for 2 full Saturdays and 12 Tuesday evenings over a 15 week period. Some classes will be delivered in on online environment. All classes and workshops for the class version (Bishopstown campus) will be held at CIT Bishopstown Campus and classes for the online version will be delivered through Adobe Connect and can be accessed by participants in any location with suitable internet access.


Indicative Timetable

Participants will attend classes for 2 full Saturdays and 12 Tuesday evenings over a 15 week period. Some classes will be delivered in an online environment.  All lab classes and workshops will be held on campus at CIT.

Total Tuition:  72 hours