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Master of Business (part-time)

CIT School of Business is now taking applications for its Master of Business programme.  This is a two-year, part-time, taught MBus with specialisms in Marketing, Enterprise, Accounting and Information Systems.


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The Master of Business [MBus] Programme is a two-year part-time taught, level 9 award that responds directly to the needs of Ireland’s business community, particularly those working in any commercial sphere requiring enhancement of knowledge and skills, so as to progress their careers and contribute more effectively to a demanding economic arena. We, the team at CIT, are confident that we have successfully driven the career path of our graduates and, through them, have contributed significantly to the broader Irish business endeavour.

We seek out the major leaders in industry to come and share their invaluable experience in the classroom and, through a vast array of specific ‘real world’ business projects, through problem based learning {PBL}, we have provided a ‘hands-on’ skill-set to our students, while simultaneously addressing the challenges faced by the trade and business communities with whom we interact and whom we serve. We are confident through the constant experience of student advancement and progression that our MBus is on a par with best international standards.

On successful completion of first year, students choose to major in one of three streams, Enterprise & Innovation, Marketing, or Tourism.


The overall aim of this programme is to facilitate the further personal and intellectual development of students, encompassing the skills of analysis, interpretation and synthesis within their chosen field of knowledge. Participants will be required to adopt innovative and creative approaches to business related issues and analyse critically business and management problems in a national, international and global context.



How will I benefit?

Individual and Personal Development

  • The MBus Program will allow you to develop your interpersonal, informational and decision making skills which will give you management and leadership ability, confidence and critical self awareness.

Career Development

  • The MBus will give you the required skills and abilities to assist you on your chosen career path .

Organisation added value

  • Your organisation will benefit from you acquiring new skills and confidence and will bring an added value to your workplace and colleagues.






The Departments offer Three streams for the Master of Business course viz:

  • Enterprise & Innovation – Part Time
  • Marketing – Part Time
  • Tourism – Part Time


For detailed information regarding this course please see course/CRBBUSA9


Should you require further information please contact or 021 433 5900


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