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Courses specifically for Mature Students

CIT has the general aim of increasing participation in higher education by people such as mature students, unemployed adults and women in the fields of science and technology. Here at CIT we welcome applications from mature students to all of our courses.

CIT recognises that many adults may need some assistance in getting off the starting blocks. This assistance is available in the form of educational guidance, courses with family-friendly timetabling, accelerated course delivery, together with ongoing support during your time in education.


We offer a range of activities which aim to provide an accessible, friendly and supportive route to a higher education qualification. So if you are keen to get started, but unsure what to do about it, read on, we are very keen to help.

Application for the below courses is not through the Central Application Office (CAO).   

  • Higher Certificate in Business (designed to equip mature students with skills and knowledge to avail of new business-related employment opportunities). Application is made online - click here  course/CRBBUSE6 . For more information, contact Louise Byrne T 021 4335806 or E

  • Higher Certificate in Science in Good Manufacturing Practice & Technology (This course aims to produce skilled technicians in the industrial sciences, with particular emphasis on manufacturing technology, an Accelerated Technician Course). Application is made online - click here course/CRSGMPE6Y1 For more information, contact Elaine Burke by T 021 433 515 or by E