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How to build a suitable case

How to build a suitable case:

Learning outcome 1 - Analylse the enterprise, its culture and its organisation


By working within an organisation we subconciously soak up a wealth of information about the organisation, what it is they do, how they operate and run their business. It is this knowledge that this learning outcome is asking for.
How to get started on this task ? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you know about where you work, the business the culture and how the it operates ?
  • Jot down quickly an overview of what it is your workplace does and how they achieve what it is they do. This is your starting point. Build on this to include an awareness of the industry from a local/regional/international perspective (if thats important).
  • Are there significant aspects to the workplace - the technology, the creatrivity of people, interactivity with others, with media or technology ? If so, highlight this aspect to show your awareness of this unique element, highlight this as key to your knowledge and employability in the area.
  • What can you use to back up this learning outcome - is there a website ? an organisational chart ? product information ? marketing blurb belonging to your company explaining ? Select a couple of options that backup or support what you have said.
  • Can you show your role in this ? Consider what you can use to show your own footprint of activity - is there a job specification ? are you mentioned in the website ? is there other material ? a letter to certify what you do ?
  • How did others get started

Learning outcome 2 - Communicate in a professional manner within the workplace


This learning outcome is asking you show your understanding of what it is to communicate in a professional manner. Your answer can bring any of the aspects of communication within your workplace. consider the following prompts to get you started:


  • What are the main forms of communication where you work ? describe what they are and what business do they communicate ? why are they important ? Usually this will be verbal communcation or communication by phone, email, letter.
  • Can you give an example of the main ones ?
  • Are there any specially significant aspects to communication which are vital to your working culture? an example might be that of safety on a building site or refinery or processing plant ?
  • A well documented answer here should include all the main types of communication, do out a paragraph describing an example of each type and back it up appropriately.


Learning outcome 3 - Demonstrate initiative and leadership skills whilst working alone and/or in teams


Your task here is to focus on where you demonstrated initiative or leadership. It can be in any context and it can be any example. But pick an example and explain what it was (introduce it) and what your actions were (explain what you did) and backup what you say with approprite proof.


Learning outcome 4 - Apply knowledge, skills and competencies acquired during the programme of study to the analysis and solution of workplace problems


Here you must link your abilities in the workplace with the course you are on. Again pick any problem you were faced with in work (or voluntary work) and explain what the problem was it and then how your actions resolved the issue. It needs to be a paragraph to a page (two at the most) and it must focus on the analysis of the problem first (how did you do this?) and then what was done to solve it.


Learning outcome 5 - Reflect on and analyse the learning experience resulting from the work placement


This final learning outcome is a reflective piece. It can be hard to get into reflective mode but one handy trick is to pick out key learning or a significant event which stands out in your mind. Ask yourself why is this significant ? It was a key learning event. Then describe in a couple of paragraphs what it was. Again, pick an example that you can provide proof to backup what you are saying.