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How to prepare a case

How to prepare an experiential learning case – what approach to use


If you are preparing an experiential learning case - take the learning outcomes and enshrine them in lights. They are your goalposts now. The whole document must showcase how you meet them. The starting point is the learning portfolio where you should present your case for assessment.

To have a prior learning case allowed:

You must present against each learning outcome just as they are stated. Show in a page or so of text how you meet the learning outcome (for each one).


Against each learning outcome

Decide what is your understanding of the statement ? Where did you gain this learning ? Give examples, and provide proof to back it up.

What were you involved in ? Consider what you might be able to use from your life to backup what you are saying.

The Work Placement module is not just about paid work - the learning outcomes can also be met through involvement with community work and voluntary activities.