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Work Placement occurs in a number of CIT programmes. You are allowed to take this module by RPL once it is well documented. You must show how your life’s activities have resulted in your having an adequate understanding of the learning outcomes of the module.


The learning outcomes of PLAC6010 Work Placement:

  1. Anaylse the enterprise, its culture and its organisation
  2. Communicate in a professional manner within the workplace
  3. Demonstrate initiative and leadership skills whilst working alone and/or in teams
  4. Apply knowledge, skills and competencies acquired during the programme of study to the analysis and solution of workplace problems
  5. Reflect on and analyse the learning experience resulting from the work placement
  6. (get the correct outcomes if its another module code at


The PLAC6010 Work Placement syllabus covers the following:

  • The Enterprise

Business processes, quality assurance systems, health and safety practises, IT systems

  • Communication

Management and communication processes within the enterprise, meetings, presentations, project planning

  • Personal Development & Intiative

Undertaking individual responsibility for aspects of system development

  • Problem Solving

Analysis of workplace-related problems and suggestions for appropriate solutions

  • Application of Learning to the workplace

Application of learning received at CIT to the management of resources and business processes