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Certified Learning

Prior Formal Learning – what do I have to do ?

  • First check with the subject lecturer to see if your case is suitable (or the course co-ordinator or Head of Department).
  • Look at the module learning outcomes and see does your prior learning cover these in your opinion ?
  • Apply using this form . Have a look at a completed one here.
  • Remember to work to agreed timelines set by CIT
  • Submit printed, signed and bound copy by week 6 of semester and keep a copy for yourself (its a valuable document).
  • Bring along any original transcripts and certificates for verification (they will not be held, but must be seen to be verified).
  • Note any proof or artifacts which must be returned after the assessment and include a photograph of these in submission.
  • Prior Learning cases presented for assessment are marked as examination material. This case represents your learning instead of an examination script.

Your submission will be fronted by a letter to the assessor explaining the case.