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Linked Schools Programme

CIT Access Service provides a comprehensive range of supports for second level linked schools in Cork CIty and County. The Access Service supports students from under represented communities to access higher level education by providing a comprehensive programme of initiatives for schools and communities.

The aim of our Linked Schools Programme is to:

  • Facilitate access to higher education for students from under represented groups including ethnic minority students through higher education access entry routes;
  • Promote a positive adjustment and assimilation into the Institute, to help students make friends and develop a support group, to involve students in the total life of the Institute and to have students use such helping resources and students services of the Institute;
  • Provide a range of post-entry supports for students to aid their transition from second level to third level education.

Please click here for the Progression Scheme Application Booklet. 

Please click here for a copy of 'Studying in Cork- a guide for Parents/Guardians'. 





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