Mechanical, Biomedical & Manufacturing Engineering

The Department of Mechanical, Biomedical, and Manufacturing Engineering offers courses in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Advanced Manufacturing.


Mechanical Engineering involves the design, manufacture and operation of products that have motion or have internal moving parts. This ranges from the design and manufacture of Formula 1 racing cars, performance engines, machines and aircraft to major power plants and process equipment facilities. It is one of the most wide ranging and versatile of all the engineering disciplines.

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Biomedical Engineering combines engineering techniques with an appreciation of the functioning of the human body, whether healthy, injured or diseased. It covers topics from the design and development of new equipment for medical diagnosis and treatment, to the implanting of biomaterials or artificial organs in the human body. It uses engineering principles to understand and control biological systems and therefore also requires a working knowledge of physiology, anatomy and biological science.


Manufacturing Engineering involves the design, control and management of manufacturing processes ranging from basic assembly processes to the high-tech manufacture of the latest pharmaceutical, telecommunications and electronic equipment. Manufacturing creates wealth for a country and manufacturing engineers are vital to Ireland’s continued success as an attractive location for high tech industry. All industries involved in the production of goods, whether pharmaceutical, chemical, process, biomedical, electronic or aeronautical require manufacturing engineers. Innovation, productivity, flexibility, and continuous improvement are key ingredients to success in the constantly evolving world of manufacturing.


Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Management Systems (CAMMS)
CAMMS is attached to the Department of Mechanical, Biomedical and Manufacturing Engineering. The Centre uses the design, build, test and validate expertise of the Department in solving problems for industry and in delivering up to date training and education. Certifications available include American Society for Quality, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and City & Guilds.


CAMMS is currently developing thematic knowledge areas that reflect the strengths of the Faculty. Themes include: Quality, Lean and Six Sigma; Project Management; Control & Automation; Manufacturing Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; and Sustainable Energy. The Centre is an Associate Member of the International Institution for Production Engineering Research (CIRP) and a recognised training provider for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to Engineers Ireland. Tailored courses can be delivered at place of work or at CIT.

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