Kian Jackson- Securepay

Kian trained as an accountant but has spent the majority of his career in risk management. Kian is the Head of Risk for SecurePay, one of Australia’s largest payments companies. In his role he is responsible for the risk and compliance framework including the risk strategy and operating model. Under Kian’s leadership, the risk function has evolved from advisory to a forward-looking function focused on risk management.

What course did you study in CIT?

Bachelor of business studies (Honours) with Accounting. I picked this course because of the wide variety of business subjects covered including marketing, corporate law, math’s & stats but specialising in accounting.


What is your best memory in CIT?

I have had many great memories in CIT but a couple stand out. During my first year the class was divided up to deliver communications projects. We all worked closely together, had good fun and formed a unique bond that followed us through the four-year degree. 

Another great memory was when a group classmates and I entered an Entrepreneurship competition. The concept was a mini golf park set in Cork city with a good business plan to back it up. We also made a prototype ‘hole in one’ where we sourced the materials from around the campus. I won’t go into any more detail about the materials but we came a very happy third place.


How has CIT helped you on your journey to where you are now?

I had hands on experience setting up and running a society. You need to collaborate with other students and lectures but work within a budget. You also need to run an affective team to plan and execute successful events. This helped turn theory into practice and certainly shaped the way I approach industry challenges today. 


Any advice to current students?

CIT is a great place to broaden your network through events and getting involved in societies.

Pay attention to your IT lecturer as the tools you have been taught will be basic industry requirements.


Did anyone in CIT have a positive influence on you during your time?

Yes, Maurice Murphy was my marketing lecturer and I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, very supportive and in general, a nice guy. Every lecture was interesting but backed up with a great sense of humour.


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