Making Steps With NStEP

Making Steps With NStEP

Published on: Monday, 27 March 2017

CIT is the lead pilot institute of the National Student Engagement Programme (NStEP), a programme which aims to develop student capabilities and institutional capacity to enhance engagement at all levels across the higher education system. 

On the16th March, there was an institutional analysis of CIT's student engagement and partnership activities which brought experts, staff and students to the table.

Simon Varwell, from SPARQS, facilitated a workshop which will explored the current drivers for student engagement at CIT, identifed priorities for CIT and began the groundwork for the formulation of an institutional student engagement policy and plan.

Present at the workshop were members of the Students Union, members of the incoming and outgoing Executive along with Heads of Faculty, School and Department at the meeting.

The group were introduced to the National Student Engagement Programme and CIT’s role within it, along with an introduction to the HEA’s Principles of Student Engagement.

The day was spent examining how the Institute currently engages in partnership activities with students and  explored opportunities for students and staff to continue to work together on formal and informal mechanisms for quality assurance, enhancement and governance.

The workshop proved a success as the group made progress on deciding on institutional priorities which will help develop an institutional strategy, while also contributing to the NStEP national programme. 

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