PLANT // CIT STEAM Exhibition Award > 5 - 23 November

PLANT // CIT STEAM Exhibition Award > 5 - 23 November

Published on: Sunday, 04 November 2018

Date: 5th Nov 2018 - 23rd Nov 2018 
Time: Open 10am - 5pm Monday - Friday
Venue: James Barry Exhibition Centre 
Admission is free


The CIT STEAM Exhibition Award is presented annually to one or more graduating students from the BA (Honours) in Fine Art at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, to recognise and promote artist practices that involve or investigate science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

STEM and the Arts have much common history, with many shared ideas, interests, and characters. CIT itself originates from the Royal Cork Institution, an organisation established to promote the Arts and Sciences amongst the people of Cork.

Organised by CIT Arts Office and supported by the Science For Life Office and CIT Department of Physical Sciences, this exhibition is an opportunity to experience artwork that contributes to this conversation, exploring ideas and information in materials, processes, and time.

About Artists


"Labours Of The Months"

This installation is created in the gallery following a system of rules inspired by the illustrated scenes of rural labour known as “Labours of the Months” which were produced across Europe during the Medieval and early Renaissance period.


The work is concerned with the close links that exist between nature and science. A focus of the work is the study of plants for the purpose of treating human illness. Botanical study of this nature dates back to antiquity and is an essential component of contemporary medical practices.


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