Aclú, a new mental health initiative between MTU & HSE

Aclú, a new mental health initiative between MTU & HSE

Published on: Wednesday, 07 September 2022

Munster Technological University (MTU) and the HSE have joined forces to create Aclú, a new mental health initiative. Aclú is a transformational initiative driven by a multidisciplinary team from MTU and the HSE. The initiative seeks to address enduring mental illness (EMI) recovery using physical activity, nutrition and digital technology. A launch event will take place on Thursday September 22nd from 2.00-5.00pm at the MTU North Campus.

Sedentary behaviour and reduced physical activity in mental illness arise from many variables, including the nature of the illnesses, the medication associated with them, social isolation, poverty, stigma, and exclusion. Aclú seeks to improve health outcomes for those living with enduring mental illnesses by increasing physical activity, reducing sedentariness, and improving nutrition with the support of digital technologies.

Commenting on Aclú Catherine Carty, Co-Principal Investigator Aclú & UNESCO Chair Manager at MTU said; "People with Enduring Mental Illness (EMI) have a high risk of health inequality. As the gap in life expectancy for those with and without EMI issues continues to rise, this is a priority in health".

"Focusing specifically on enduring mental illness, Aclú seeks to reframe mental health through a pioneering multi-disciplinary approach. Aclú research group aims to demonstrate national and international leadership in mental health through physical activity, nutrition, and digital technologies. Human rights and sustainable development approaches will underpin Aclú.

Our research and implementation outcomes strive to substantially impact the lifelong health and well-being of people with enduring mental illness".

"The United Nations is clear that 'there is no health without mental health'. Yet, EMI treatment lags behind physical health care globally and all countries have been labelled as 'developing' when it comes to mental health".

According to Catherine no published research highlights the effectiveness of multidisciplinary interventions that include physical activity, nutrition and digital technologies to improve the quality of life of those living with EMI. "Aclú seeks to address this gap and reframe mental health treatment".

Anyone interested in, working in or living with Enduring Mental Illness are welcome to attend this free launch event. The event is hybrid - both on campus and online.

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