2012 CIT Prize Winners Exhibition Series is launched

2012 CIT Prize Winners Exhibition Series is launched

Published on: Sunday, 14 October 2012

CIT hosts Prize Winners Exhibitions - running from mid October to late November at the James Barry Exhibition Centre, CIT Bishopstown Campus, which features the work of Rory Mullen, Laura Crotty, and Cassandra Eustace. The exhibitions are free and run daily Monday - Saturday.

Both Rory and Laura received CIT Artsfest Development Bursaries, awarded to support the professional development of a graduate at the beginning of their career. The bursary aspires to give graduates an opportunity to further develop their educational journey and engage in activities or experiences that may not be possible without the award.

Cassandra Eustace is the winner of the CIT Artsfest Prize established to give artists an opportunity to showcase their work as part of the festival. This year the artists will have an exhibition as part of national science week to further develop a body of work in their area of interest.

Rory Mullen

For the curious: take tea with the artist Rory Mullen in his cardboard home from 17-30 October. Following from his highly praised installations at the CIT CCAD Honours Degree Show in June and most recently for Culture Night at the Crawford Gallery, Rory Mullen will build another unique and idiosyncratic living environment specially for the James Barry Exhibition Centre. Cardboard becomes every surface, and every object - from books and watches to the plates and the kitchen sink - it all feels strangely familiar and personal. Modern disposable culture replicated and patched together with lots of brown tape.

Cassandra Eustace

Offical Opening

Tuesday 13th November at 1pm

Running from 12-16 November, the second exhibition features the work of Cassandra Eustace. "The materiality and structure of my work plays with this balance of differences joining, creating temporary situations using shadow and rejections or by combining intentionally sourced materials and found objects. Drawing through observation and process underpins my work. Often the non-representative results of a drawing process can reveal something previously unknown. It is this translation from the known to the unfamiliar that informs the ambiguous nature of my work, alluding to the often-unnameable space of commonality that exists beyond all our differences."

Winner of the 2012 CIT ArtsFest Prize, Cassandra has made this body of work specifically for the James Barry Exhibition Centre, responding to the space and context. Dr Barry O’Connor, Registrar and VP for Academic Affairs, will formally open the show, and Dr Catherine Frehill, lecturer in the Department of Applied Physics and Instrumentation, will give an address. Cassandra’s work examines the conceptual and scientific properties of light, shadow, form, and space. Like many artists interested in scientific principles, Cassandra believes that artists can bring alternative perspectives and intuitive approaches to the study and use of materials.

Laura Crotty

The third exhibition takes place during Positive Mind & Body Week organised by CIT Students Union and runs 21 - 30 November. The work of Laura Crotty refers to female hunger with its main focus on the media and cosmetic industry. "Recently, I'm using video to examine the nature of female self-destructive energy in the face of the oppressive beauty industry. I believe that male anger tends to be focused outward, while female anger seems to focus inward. Personally Iím trying to express how self-harm mechanisms such as eating disorders, alcoholism or cutting are really a bizarre displacement of power. The relentless pressure from the beauty industry for women to conform to the body beautiful ideal, and be ëperfectí has caught us up in a ritual use of constant self-surveillance."

Launch of Decline and Fall

photographer Daragh Kane

Sarah Morey, Arts Officer, CIT; with Cassandra Eustace, Arts Fest Prize Winner, in Rory Mullen's, CIT Registrar's Development Bursary winner exhibition piece ‘Decline and Fall’.

Rory getting ready!

CIT student Eoin Murphy with CIT CCAD student Linda Young.

CIT CCAD students Clíodhna O'Riordan and Lauren Keenan.

Ellen O'Shea and Anna Geary.



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