Business Start-Up Support

The Rubicon Centre is one of Ireland’s premier business incubators. Clients based at the Rubicon are at different stages of development, from concept stage to completing their first customer orders and many are already trading on international markets. The Rubicon Centre is focused on increasing the number of start-ups in the region as well as assisting companies to grow and scale. The Rubicon Centre does not take any equity from any of the companies that it assists.





Since opening its doors in January 2006, the Rubicon Centre has quickly positioned itself as a catalyst, assisting entrepreneurs to take their projects to the next stage.


In July 2010 the Rubicon increased its Capacity by an additional 910m2, which included new laboratory spaces.  This extension brings the total incubation footprint to over 3,000m2. The Centre continues to invest in its IT Infrastructure to afford Companies access to their customers and partners world-wide. Clients enjoy access to a full development path, and several have participated in one of the many Programmes on offer in the Centre, including New Frontiers, Enterprise Start Programme and Women Entrepreneurship Programmes.


For more information about the rubicon Centre: 

Tel: +353 21 4928900


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