Collaborative course development

CIT continuously works with industry to update existing courses and to develop new courses and content. Programmatic reviews are conducted on all courses regularly whereby individuals from industry are involved in the review and updating process.

In addition, CIT often work with industry to develop specific content/ modules that are directly relevant to specific companies. These can be delivered in-house or in CIT. The CIT Extended Campus initiative has been informed by CIT’s leadership of two Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) projects under the auspices of the HEA. Working closely with innovators/entrepreneurs, employers, communities and individuals to deliver flexible learning, training and research solutions is something for which CIT has long been renowned.  There is a wealth of world-class research, learning and facilities available within CIT but it is not always clear to companies, enterprises, individuals or communities how to access or interface with this knowledge.  There are also very valuable contributions to learning and knowledge generation at an undergraduate and at a postgraduate level that can be made by individuals and organisations working in collaboration with CIT. Our aim in the Extended Campus is to support and give recognition to these contributions by facilitating and providing a platform for the transfer of knowledge in both directions and enhancing opportunities for engagement.


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