Designing Crafting; Making in Ireland now and for the future

Designing Crafting; Making in Ireland now and for the future

Published on: Saturday, 22 October 2011


Gallery opening Hours: Wed – Sat 10am – 6pm

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The Crafts Council of Ireland’s ‘Future Makers Awards and Grants’ provide support for the next generation of makers to learn, experience, investigate, develop, create and shape the future of Irish craft.
Future Makers fund: research, training, residencies, materials, exhibitions and more.

The Exhibition was opened by Karen Hennessy, CEO, Crafts Council of Ireland.

Exhibition runs until 4th November, 2011
T: +353 (0) 21 4335210

Free jazz performance

Free jazz performance at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery on Saturday next, October 29th, from 2 – 4pm, as part of the Future Makers 2011 exhibition, organised with the Crafts Council of Ireland.

A treat is in store for jazz lovers, as the two performers featured will be Michael Buckley (saxophone) and Phil Ware (piano) … all welcome and admission is free!


Stool by Claire Anne O’Brien


Saturday 29th October: Live Jazz at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, 2pm – 4pm
Thursday 3rd November: Future Makers Seminar ‘Life in the Craft Lane’, 10am – 4pm

Come celebrate Cork Craft Month with us...

3rd August @ 6.00pm
The Old Mill, Kinsale,
Opening of “Form Function Adorn” Exhibition

4th August @ 6.00pm
The Millennium Hall,
City Hall,
Official launch of Cork Craft Month


Fota House & Gardens, 8th August 11.00am

photocall, coffee and cake
“Contemporary Legacy” Exhibition

CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery

12th August 7.30pm
“Lunasa” a Fashion Show
tickets €10 each or 4 for €30

16th August 6.00pm
Opening of “Narrative Thread” Textile Exhibition

2nd - 6th August
Sculpture & Objets d’Art

Opening this evening at 6.30pm

Eoin Turner studied Fine Art specialising in both painting and sculpture in Cork’s College of Art and Design graduating in 1988. After graduating, Eoin in keeping with family tradition, followed his father and brother and embarked on a life at sea spending 10 years as a fisherman, mostly working out of Castletownbere on the south West coast of Ireland. In the late 90’s he moved to the South of France where he spent time working in the luxury yacht industry.

Upon returning to Ireland, Eoin and his partner, painter Lorraine Mullins, set up a glass studio specialising in casting and fusing glass for architectural applications. Parallel to his architectural designs he has developed his own personal body of sculptural design pieces, which owe much to his Fine Art background. Each unique piece reflecting an echo of earlier paintings and sculptures, which in turn owe much to his lifelong association with the sea. The pieces made from cast glass and formed metal combine to bring a subtle and at the same time rugged and defined form.

10th - 15th June

The CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Media Communications Department proudly introduces CODA, the graduate exhibition of final year projects from the BA (Honours) in Visual Communications and the BA (Honours) in Multimedia.  The show will officially be opened by David Phelan, Director of ModeVision and Member of the IDI Council, at 6:30pm on 10th June. The exhibition will run until the 15th June from 10am - 5pm.

CODA will showcase the recent work by the graduates, exhibiting the range of skills that the graduates have acquired during their studies at CIT such as graphic design, web design, short film production, animation and interactive installations.

For more information contact:!/CodaExhibition

6th May - 26th May

Poetics of the Handmade
Contemporary Glass from China
Exhibition is free and open to the public


Grey Flute- Purple Color II _2008_H.600 x W.240 x D.100mm


Poetics of the Handmade II_2011_H.900 x W.190 x D.160

Public Talk

Public Talk by Curator Debbie Dawson in the Gallery on Wednesday May 25th at 1pm
“Making an Exhibition – an Artist’s Perspective”


A prestigious glass exhibition opened at the CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork on Friday 6th May 6th. ‘Poetics of the Handmade’ is a show featuring handmade Contemporary Glass from China.

CIT Crawford College of Art & Design is honoured to host this solo show by Xiao Wei Zhuang, Professor of Glass at the College of Fine Art at Shanghai University.

Professor Zhuang was appointed Director of the Glass Museum of Shanghai in 2008. He is also a member of the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Glass of the International Council of Museums.

Rooted in the natural world around him, Xiao Wei draws inspiration from animal shapes and abstract forms. The work is solid and weighty yet this weightiness belies the lyrical quality of the work and imbues it with a playfulness that is unexpected.

Since their twinning, Cork has built up a significant relationship with Shanghai. This exhibition further enhances that relationship and with an Irish Glass exhibition taking place in Shanghai next year it is hopeful further links will be made between CIT Crawford College and Shanghai University through student and staff exchange.

Gemma Tipton, art critic and writer will open the exhibition, curated by Debbie Dawson, artist and lecturer in glass at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design.

1_Chase Wind II_ 2010_770 x 400 x 100mmmw.jpg

6th - 16th April

The exhibition at the CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, entitled “GLIMPSE”, was officially opened on the 6th April by Chris Clarke, Curator at the Glucksman Gallery, and features the work of students on our HDip in Arts for Art & Design Teachers, alongside the work of their pupils. 

The Higher Diploma in Arts for Arts and Design Teachers is a one-year post-graduate course, where student teachers experience the rewards and challenges of a profession whose fundamental aim is to nurture creativity in the hearts and minds of our young. The experience is rewarding because it is a pleasure to see school goers find a creative voice that expresses ideas, opinions and feelings through the artistic elements. Challenging, because the student teacher must find new and exciting ways of making all the above happen when there is so much competition in our modern-day society that demands and distracts the attention of our teenagers.

The work in this exhibition is but a snapshot, a glimpse into this journey of discovery and learning. Each student teacher has given us an insight into the hopes and aspirations they had when sitting in their studio spaces working on the planning and preparation for their teaching. Their minds preoccupied with making the right decision, searching for that crux on which a successful lesson might hinge.


This is reached through a process of documenting ideas and proposals for teaching, using reflective sketchbooks that chart the evolution of ideas, and the strategies that are utilised to make them a reality. Practical and theoretical workshops have an important role to play also as they support the student teacher in finding confidence to communicate techniques and processes, and to inspire pupils to make their own artistic statements. Lesson planning and evaluation also form a big part in this preparation and it is no small feat to be able to juggle all of these constituent parts together. With the preparation done, the student teacher is ready to stand at the front of the class facing the rows of expectant faces, ready to bridge the span between anticipation and reality, theory and practice.

The works of the student teacher and the pupils in their placement school are linked in many intricate and compelling ways. There is on one level a close similarity, as both strive for creativity and self-expression. But there must be, and are, differences, as each should be an entity unto itself, with the freedom to be whatever they wish.

Naturally, it is not possible due to space restrictions to show all of the work belonging to the student teachers and their pupils within the Wandesford Quay Gallery space. But yet, it is somehow comforting to know that those personalities ‘marked absent’, are still acknowledged within glimpse, on the walls, shelves and folders of many art rooms across the city and county.

Recent events

10th March – 2nd April

Iconic French film maker and artist, Agnés Varda, unveils Fine Art Photography and Video Installation

'Open Windows', an exhibition by iconic French film maker and artist Agnés Varda was officially launched in her presence on Wednesday 9th March.

The exhibition hosts a selection of Varda’s video installations and fine art photography. Highlights include Portraits Brisés (Shattered Portraits), a set of 19 photographs some of which were specially created for this show. Varda shows fragile faces, shivering souls and fragmented moments printed on glass or mirrors. A fragmented self-portrait of the artist completes this series, along with two broken mirrors, in which visitors can contemplate their own shattered faces. Her ongoing Patates Coeurs (Potato Hearts) series will be familiar to those who have seen her seminal film The Gleaners & I (2000) which screens as part of a film retrospective. Other pieces featured in her groundbreaking exhibition at Foundation Cartier for Contemporary Arts in Paris in 2005. Le Tombeau de Zgougou (Zgougou’s Grave) a video installation with music by Steve Reich takes us from the grave of the film-maker’s beloved cat to a cosmic view of the wider world and stars.

“What is fascinating about Agnès Varda is that she is re-inventing herself all the time and at the same time re-inventing our own notions of cinema. She was a photographer with no knowledge of filmmaking when she made her debut feature La Pointe Court which heralded the French New Wave of the 1960's. She then moved into documentary film, fundamentally changing its practice with her subjective approach - a style which has since become the standard. Now in her 80's she has begun a career as a visual artist and we are very proud to be hosting her first exhibition in Ireland. With her installations, Agnès opens up yet another window to cinema.” Paul Callanan, Festival Curator

Agnès Varda is a key figure in modern film history and one of the world’s leading filmmakers. From anticipating the French New Wave to inventively embracing and re-defining digital video, Agnès Varda has always bounded forward with a restless, inspiring joy for filmmaking. Trained in art and photography Varda used the skills she honed early in her career as a photographer to create some of the most nuanced, thought-provoking films of the past fifty years. Varda has traced a path through cinema as invigorating, whimsical, painterly, and searching as it has been personal. Always ready to experiment and to explore Agnès Varda remains one of the essential cinematic poets of our time and a true visionary.

Varda made her debut as an installation artist at Venice Biennale in 2003. Her groundbreaking exhibition filled the entire Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Paris in 2006 and her work has been bought by MoMA and other major galleries. Cork French Film Festival sponsored by Bord Gáis Energy is very honoured to be presenting Varda's first exhibition in either Ireland or the UK.

For further information and full details on the Cork French Film Festival sponsored by Bord Gáis Energy log onto

9th February - 3rd March

 'START'  is an exhibition of photographic works from the students of CIT Crawford College of Art & Design. The exhibition was opened by international photographers, Doug Dubois and Phil Toledano.

Admission is free

untitled _ Treasa Foley Frank Mc Grath. Untitled

Aine Saunders

The students come from a diverse range of disciplines within Art and Design (such as BA (Honours) Multimedia, Fine Art, Ceramic Design, Visual Communication, and BA Design Communications). For some, photography represents an aspect of their creative project while for others, it is the principal medium within their emerging fine art practice. START celebrates this diversity and the bridging role played by photography.

The participating artists are Aoife O’Connell, Michelle McKeon, Treasa Foley, Frank McGrath, Sunny Lee, Rory Mullen, Sofie Behal, David Upton, Fergus Graham, Tom Dalton, June Fairhead, Aine Saunders, Anna Giertz, and Benedicte Colman.

This exhibition provides an insight into developing art and design practices and is an opportunity to view emerging talent; START is just the beginning. The exhibition was the idea of Phil Curtin, Lecturer in Photography, and is curated with Trish Brennan, Head of Fine Art, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, and Roseanne Lynch, Lecturer in Fine Art (Photography).

19th January - 6th February 

CIT celebrated its engagement with contemporary Chinese Art when two exhibitions opened at the CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design’s new exhibition space, and CIT Cork School of Music. Both exhibitions opened on January 19th and ran until the Chinese New Year, 6th February.

The Wandesford Quay exhibition is a collaboration with the Don Gallery in Shanghai, and curated by its Director, Xixing Cheng. This exhibition featured the work of a number of Shanghai-based Chinese artists, including Yunyao Zheng, Han Feng, Huang Ling, Liu Ren, Lu Tianyang, Ni Youyu, Xiao Jiang, Zhang Xiangxi, as well as Beijing-based artist Xuewu Zheng. This exhibition was facilitated by Ciaran Walsh and Fion Gunn.

The CIT Cork School of Music Exhibition, titled “From Here to There”, was curated by Fion Gunn, and featured Irish artists who have already exhibited in China, including Harry Moore, Mary Mackey, Audrey Mullins, Dara McGrath, Fion Gunn and Chinese artist Maleonn Ma, who exhibited recently at the Sirius in Cobh.

Zhang Yunyao_47x27cm_Wood Frame & Tinfoil_2010


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