Launch of new ‘CIT Alumni Discounts Solution’

Launch of new ‘CIT Alumni Discounts Solution’

Published on: Tuesday, 05 April 2011

The CIT Alumni Association (CITAA) in association with ‘Group Buying Organisation’ (GBO) is pleased to announce a new “CIT Alumni Discounts Solution”.

Group Buying Organisation (GBO), a participant of the Genesis Enterprise Programme (GEP) based in the CIT Rubicon Centre, is launching a new unique website providing a growing number of exclusive discounts for CIT Alumni Association members.

There is an initial selection of 50+ discounts/special offers for CIT Alumni Association members to avail of and GBO expect that the number of discounts and offers will at least double over the next 12 months providing an even wider choice and selection.

Register at (it just takes 20 seconds) where you can enjoy the ‘electronic window shopping’.

Enjoy the system and watch the discounts selection grow over the coming months.

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