CIT and Quinn-healthcare Collaborate on Research

CIT and Quinn-healthcare Collaborate on Research

Published on: Saturday, 28 May 2011

Students in CIT’s part-time Master of Business programme in the Department of Continuing Education, School of Business have been praised by Quinn-healthcare for the high standards and the insights and knowledge obtained in research that was undertaken to examine QUINN-healthcare’s service delivery.

Lorraine Walsh, Marketing Manager, said: “Quinn-healthcare was clear from the research conducted by all of the student groups, that customers feel that there is a lack of differentiation between all of the healthcare providers in the market place. Comparing schemes and benefits between the different health insurers is very difficult for customers and acts as a deterrent to switching to an alternative provider.

The student groups research identified the television programmes Quinn-healthcare could potentially sponsor, with the opportunity to build on it by proactively promoting good health through healthy eating days, and evidence-based medical research.

Other groups identified very practical improvements on Quinn-healthcare's service delivery by phone, email and online as well as conducting a critical analysis of their website versus their competitors. Social Media was also highly recommended by most groups as a key opportunity to engage with their target audience.

Quinn-healthcare is currently in the process of reviewing all the research and recommendations and putting an implementation plan together which will ultimately lead to providing a better service to all of their customers.

Lorraine Walsh continued: “We appreciate all the work that was completed for us by the Master of Business class, and we would highly recommend other companies to participate in the programme. We would like to especially thank Dr Angela Wright, and we wish all of her students the very best of luck in their future careers”.

Don Crowley, Head of CIT’s Department of Continuing Education said: “The use of live case studies for teaching is of enormous benefit to our students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. We are delighted to have had this opportunity to work with Quinn-healthcare on such a worthwhile project.”

 (L-R) D. O'Connor, Deputy General Manager and Head of Business Development, Quinn-healthcare; Dr Angela Wright, Lecturer, CIT, Research Supervisor;  Lorraine Walsh, Marketing Manager, Quinn-healthcare; and Shane Kearney, Individual Sales Manager, QUINN-healthcare.




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