Maths for Mature Students

Maths for Mature Students

Published on: Tuesday, 06 December 2011

CIT will deliver the Maths for Matures Programme in January 2012 to allow prospective Mature Students to demonstrate their ability in Maths when applying for science/engineering courses in CIT. The Programme will consist of a 14 hour elementary maths course followed by a brief test on the work covered and a feedback session.

The purpose of the programme is to;

  1. acquaint prospective mature students who are applying for entry into Year 1 of a full time programme of study in CIT, with some of the elementary mathematics that they will encounter in the first year of an engineering/science programme
  2. provide an opportunity to prospective mature students to demonstrate their ability and aptitude in Maths
  3. provide the Head of Department with a test result which would demonstrate if the prospective student has a suitable aptitude for Maths in relation to the course(s) being applied for.

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