Event: CIT hosts Traveller Group Art Exhibition

Thursday, 13 December 2012

CIT hosts Traveller Group Art Exhibition



The exhibition is taking place in the Student Centre Gallery, CIT Bishopstown Campus, from Thursday, 13th December.

CIT  hosts an exhibition of work from an Art Programme for traveller students in four second level schools in Cork city. Organised by the Cork City Traveller Interagency Education sub-committee, the programme was designed by Leanne McDonagh, BA (Hons) in Fine Art. Leanne is a recently qualified Art teacher and is herself a member of the traveller community.

Not All Painted With The Same Brush

The Art Programme aimed to raise the hopes and ambitions of young traveller children within education.The main aim was to encourage each of the pupils to acknowledge their own talents and capabilities within the school environment. The pupils were encouraged to create a piece of artwork that demonstrates their individual hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.


Students engaged in conversation, discussion, and debate about how they feel such hopes and dreams will be accepted by the wider community. The programme aimed to challenge the stereotypical view of the entire travelling community. All the children who took part in the programme were members of the travelling community but, most importantly, were individuals, individuals with their own ideas and beliefs as well as hopes and dreams.

The programme was designed to complement the work of a student mentoring programme for travellers which is also provided through the Traveller Interagency committee. The programme is funded by the Access Service, Cork Institute of Technology, the UCC PLUS+ Programme, Cork City Partnership Ltd., City of Cork VEC and Cork City Council.

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