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Event: Variations on Pianoforte: Images of the CIT Cork School of Music

Friday, 24 April 2009

Tuesday 24 March 09 - Friday 24 April 09
Time: Daily
Venue: CIT Cork School of Music

"Fifty-four Steinway baby grand pianos - the largest order for this type of piano Steinway has received in their one hundred and fifty four year history".

On the 24 March, David Creedon’s exhibition of photographs was officially opened. Described as a 'conceptual documentary photographer', Creedon began this series both as a record and as tribute to the ambition and beauty of the CIT Cork School of Music –

"Over the past number of years I had taken a number of photographs of dilapidated pianos, and though I had never used the images I felt that this might make an interesting subject matter maybe to do for the future. I then heard about the new CIT Cork School of Music and their purchase. To say I was astonished when I heard this story would be an understatement. After visiting the school I was struck by the natural light pouring into the spaces and I got the idea of doing a series of portraits of each piano.

I began work in early August 2007 photographing at different times of the day and night. I like working in relatively dark areas, and from here I search out light in the shadows. With the exception of the portraits, I have photographed in available light with long exposures."

With this series, he has captured the energy and the quiet, the reverence, the still beauty, the quiet dedication and passionate expression embodied in these instruments and in the school, its students and staff.

Pictured at the opening of Variation on Pianoforte:


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