CIT Extended Campus welcomes new ICT students.

CIT Extended Campus welcomes new ICT students.

Published on: Wednesday, 03 April 2013

Over the past few months Cork Institute of Technology has been heavily marketing two programmes in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) area. These two programmes are in line with the Irish Government’s call for ICT programmes to address the skills gap in Ireland. The Higher Diploma in Science in Cloud Computing was delivered last year, very successfully. Students that undertook this programme were highly sought after by employers and most of these graduates now hold permanent positions. Due to the success of this programme and the continuing demand for graduates with skills in cloud computing, this programme will be delivered for a second time in CIT. The second programme taking place, as part of the ICT skills call, is The Higher Diploma in Data Science and Analytics. This programme is new to CIT, and, CIT is only one of two institutions in the country approved to deliver this programme in 2013.

The marketing of these programmes was targeted towards individuals who currently hold an honours degree and were unemployed. In addition, the marketing outlined that candidates should have a good standard of mathematics in order to undertake the programme. With these factors in mind, CIT received almost 200 applicants for the two programmes combined. It was a highly competitive process as The Higher Diploma in Science in Cloud Computing has a capacity of 40 places, and The Higher Diploma in Data Science and Analytics offers just 20 places. 

These two Higher Diplomas are starting Monday, 8th April  2013. CIT would like to welcome these students and wish them the all the best with their respective programmes and their future careers.

If you are in an employer interested in employing graduates from these programmes or you simply wish to make an enquiry, please contact CIT Extended Campus. We also welcome any enquiries from prospective students and you can keep an eye on the website for information on future programmes

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