IBEC Success Story: CIT Extended Campus

IBEC Success Story: CIT Extended Campus

Published on: Thursday, 11 July 2013


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Currently there is a huge impetus on higher education institutions to more actively collaborate and engage with enterprise and civic community groups. To address this, CIT established Extended Campus in 2011 specifically tasked with extending CIT’s knowledge, activities, and expertise beyond the campus into industry and the wider community.

Extended Campus strives to assist companies in meeting their business needs through the activities, facilities and resources on hand at CIT, in areas such as work placement, research and development, and customised learning solutions.

CIT’s relationship with industry did not begin with Extended Campus. CIT has a strong history in partnering with enterprise and the wider community.  The establishment of Extended Campus, however, serves as a physical and dedicated presence that allows for a more integrated and professional approach to collaboration with enterprise.

Often the biggest barrier to companies in approaching their local higher education institution can be a lack of understanding and a perceived cultural divide.  A business owner would be forgiven for assuming that higher education neither comprehends nor wants to comprehend their business priorities. The ‘ivory tower’ view of higher education can lead to the perception that courses are unchanging for decades, business and economic priorities are not understood, nothing happens between June and September and technical problems can only be addressed in the context of a four year research study. 

Through Extended Campus, CIT is demonstrating that this is definitely not the case. Extended Campus has been successful in helping businesses of all disciplines and sizes to understand that higher education is open for business. Getting the first phone call or email is the exciting first step in building a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.  Helping to develop an understanding of what a large and diverse organisation like CIT has to offer, CIT Extended Campus acts as an entry portal and serves to open the door; the role is a bit like that of a matchmaker.

The satisfying part can be when an organisation comes in search of something specific like a work placement student or a short course for employees but leaves with a much more complete picture of the possibilities for access to equipment, contract research, guest lecturing and contributions to course development.

We want to continue to build on our initial success through supporting organisations that wish to engage with higher education while also reaching those who may be unaware as to how higher education can support their business.

Get in touch to explore the many opportunities for partnership with Cork Institute of Technology.  T: 021 432 6017 W: www.cit.ie/extendedcampus

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