Hands on Connection is a resounding success

Hands on Connection is a resounding success

Published on: Thursday, 26 September 2013

The “Hands on Connection” that took place in the Curve Gallery on the 18th September 2013 was an innovative project brought to you by 'A Good Start' programme in conjunction with the Department of Sport, Leisure and Childhood Studies.

It was about creating an unique and collaborative artwork which helped students/lecturers connect with themselves and each other. It was a creative process where primary colours blue, red and yellow were used.  The participants shook hands with each other to make the secondary colours. The process continued on until a rainbow of colours was on the canvas. The idea was that the primary colours represented the individuals and the colours they made together were represented of the connections they make with other students and staff by Getting Involved. 

The event was a resounding success and a unique piece of art work evolved. This event will hopefully become an integral part of the annual Good Start programme. Please click on the link below to see it being constructed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wy2VnZC8t0

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