Your Body is the Password - CIT Researchers find the Key to Security

Your Body is the Password - CIT Researchers find the Key to Security

Published on: Friday, 20 December 2013

Are you sick of losing you keys? Can’t remember your password? Researchers at CIT may have the solution. ‘eGo’TM technology, co-developed in CIT’s Nimbus Centre, uses your body to transmit authentication to your computer, doors or phone, removing the requirement to manually enter passwords, use keys or carry cards. It also vastly improves security.

This wearable technology establishes communications between objects and users. Using signal transmission via the user's body, multiple ‘eGo’ compliant objects you touch are "paired" with the tiny ‘eGo’ device you wear. The object can be anything from a credit card machine - no cards required - to your car - no more keys - to a security door or shared computer terminals.

A recent practical demonstration by the Nimbus team showed how the ‘eGo’ wearable provides convenience for healthcare practitioners. Typical daily activities requiring authentication, access control, personalization and activity monitoring become seamless and intuitively managed. Modifications for touch-free use are planned for even better hygiene control.

Fingerprint identification controls the security of the wearable, which can be modified in all kinds of ways to prevent unauthorised use, for example it can be set to switch off if dropped or removed from the user or after a certain period of time.

CIT Nimbus Centre has collaborated with Irish partners (DecaWave, Tyndall Institute, Lincor Solutions) and other EU members (Gemalto [Lead Partner], Atos Worldwide, Continental Automotive, Idex, STMicroelectronics, Precise Biometrics, and Inria) on eGo within the Catrene framework.

Watch the video of the eGo demonstation


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