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Event: Culture Night Cork 2009 > 25th September

Saturday, 26 September 2009

With over fifty venues and one hundred and fifty events there truly is something for everyone. Running from early evening until very late, you, your family and friends can explore Cork and its culture, all for free.Theatres, galleries, observatories, public laboratories, artist studios, historic houses and churches are staying open late and putting on a range of special programmes, all for free.

CIT’s contribution to Culture Night includes a unique exhibition by MA Art Therapy students, workshops, a public lecture, artist talks, architectural tours, and more …


In The Making

Exhibition opens 25th September 2009 at 6pm
Venue: James Barry Exhibition Centre,
CIT Bishopstown Campus.  
All are welcome

A group exhibition by artists studying for the MA in Art Therapy at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design
Includes: Michelle Bradley, Clodagh Connaughton, Dearbhail Connon, Louise Cullen, Helen Griffin, Martina Keane, Gerry Lee, Dáinne Nic Aoidh, Grace O’Donoghue, John O’Malley, Rhoda Moore, and Hugh McMahon.

■ Public Lecture > Suzie Cahn

“The Relationship between Art and Art Therapy”

An informative lecture on the complex relationship between a person’s work as an artist and as an art therapist. Followed by a panel discussion with practitioners working in this area.

7pm, 25th September,
Venue: Rory Gallagher Theatre, CIT Bishopstown Campus

Booking advised, contact:

Workshop > Introduction to Art Therapy
A special introductory workshop, suitable for people working in counselling and healthcare, and for anyone interested in the
therapeutic uses of art and creative expression.

5-6pm, 25th September,

Venue: CIT Bishopstown Campus
Places are limited, Booking Essential


■ CIT Crawford College of Art & Design > 5pm to 11pm

Sharman Crawford Street, Cork.
T: 021 4966777 


CIT Crawford College of Art & Design presents an exhibition of the work by 2009 Fine Art graduates Elizabeth O’Callaghan and Aoife O’Brien opening at 6pm. Artist and lecturer James Hayes will present a talk at 7pm entitled “The View from over the Fence”, on his current artistic practice which includes printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media. There will also be a series of ceramics and print workshops from 6pm to 8pm. Please contact the college for booking details.


The partnership between Aoife O’Brien and Elizabeth O’Callaghan for their contribution to Culture Night is fruitful one for a number of reasons. Firstly the opportunity to view their accomplishments in CCAD offers the chance to experience their work within the environment in which it was created. Furthermore, it is poignant that they return tonight as emerging artists embarking upon careers rather than simply as graduates.

The connection between the two is tangible for artistic reasons also. Initially there appears to be discordance between their styles - especially in the treatment of colour - as a battle rages between heightened lively hues and more somber muted tones. But if you take time with the work, it is possible to appreciate how both artists treat surface textures with equal reverence; as layers and expressive mark-making help unite the shared direction within their creative endeavours.

So for these two young artists, there is a clear joy in working with the textural properties of paint itself. Surface is perhaps just as important to these paintings as the imagery and the themes that underpin them. The layering and re-working of the paint tells a story of artists’ who are acutely aware of their medium and the sensations and reactions that are potentially provoked within the viewer.

Of the two, Elizabeth is driven most strongly by this impetus to elicit evocative sensation through the tactility of the painted surface. Her canvases become a conduit for intense explosions of colour, as paint is driven, dripped and splashed in the greatest traditions of Pollock and the Action Painters.

Her inspiration comes from an emotional reaction to the “energy and vitality of the sea”, and even though the colour is removed from the naturalism of the source, its seems as if the artist has disconnected from corporeality, and has focused instead on the essence and sprit of her subject.

Aoife’s acrylic paintings are strongly connected with the exploration of spatial environments – but these locations are notional and borne more from the subconscious mind. Austere objects such as doorways, windows and couches populate these spaces and take on a sinister note through the low key atmospherics of the colour and the veils of paint which obscure them.
The artist is interested in placing ‘the viewer at a distance from reality”. This sentiment is reminiscent of the theory of remote viewing, where autosuggestion, hypnosis or buried memories emerge through a catalogue of transient objects that float in and out of view. This work on some level may help us to confront and address the lexicon of symbols and events that constitute our own personal history.

Mark Ewart 


■ CIT Cork School of Music > 6pm to 12pm

Union Quay, Cork.
T: 021 4807307 

CIT Cork School of Music will open until midnight with tours of the building, awarded the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland’s Award for the Best Educational Building in Ireland in 2008.

Starting at 6pm, tours will leave from the Ground Floor Concourse every half hour up to 11pm. Each tour lasts 1 hour, so this is a great opportunity to get an in-depth look at the architectural, acoustic, and technical details of this incredible building.
No booking required, but numbers may be limited.


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