CIT Researchers Take Gold In Berlin

CIT Researchers Take Gold In Berlin

Published on: Thursday, 17 April 2014


Researchers at the Nimbus Centre at CIT have won the Gold Medal for the most accurate infrastructure free indoor radio localisation and tracking system at a Microsoft sponsored competition at CPSWeek, in Berlin, Germany. Dr Martin Klepal and Dr Christian Beder, who lead the radio localisation and tracking research track at Nimbus also came second overall at the event at CPSWeek, one of the world’s most prestigious conferences on embedded electronic and software systems research.

Accurate indoor localisation has the potential to transform the way people navigate indoors in a similar way that GPS transformed the way people navigate outdoors. Over the last 15 years, several indoor localisation technologies have been proposed and experimented by both academia and industry, but we have yet to see large-scale deployments. Microsoft Indoor Localisation Competition aimed to bring together real-time, or near real-time, indoor location technologies and compare their performance in the same space.

Dr Dirk Pesch, Head of Centre, Nimbus said: “This competition success is a fantastic achievement for Martin and Christian and also for Nimbus and CIT, as competitors included participants from world renowned institutions such as MIT, Stanford, and Cambridge University.

The MapUMe technology that Drs Klepal and Beder have developed is now also being commercialised through a start-up, ShowGuider

The Nimbus Centre for Embedded Systems Research at CIT is Ireland’s only research centre devoted to the field of networked embedded electronic systems. It supports research, learning and industry – for more details visit

Congratulations to the team on this achievement.



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