Nimbus/CIT Energy Demonstrators

Nimbus/CIT Energy Demonstrators

Published on: Friday, 06 June 2014

The Irish National Sustainable Building Energy Testbed is based in the Nimbus Centre, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland. This facility is a whole-building ‘energy and power management technology demonstrator’, scalable to a district or campus level. It is available to national and international commercial entities within the Energy space as an enabler to trial Research & Development work, particularly within the areas of Demand Side Management, and issues around Intermittency. Several companies have worked on the Test-bed to date and have all had excellent experiences with the world-class equipment and the Nimbus support teams. The test-bed is also available for experimental work to other Higher Education institutions and researchers both nationally and internationally through European Commission funded research projects.

A workshop was held on June 6th in conjuction with the local authority, Cork County Council, to illustrate the energy reseach that is ongoing, and the demonstrators that are available within Cork Institute of Technology, with particular emphasis on the Nimbus Centre.

It demonstrated the physical infrastructure, novel embedded technologies, discuss ongoing and potential EU energy research initiatives, such as INTERREG and Horizon 2020. A networking event took place to enable potential collaborations on forthcoming research calls on a pan european basis.

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