Spiderman Artist Launches First "Creative Space Cork" Event @ CIT

Spiderman Artist Launches First

Published on: Friday, 10 October 2014


CIT and Marvel Comic Book Artist, Will Sliney, linked up to launch "Creative Space Cork", a pilot event in CIT’s Department of Online Delivery. Will, a CIT Multimedia BA Hons graduate, was recently given his own Spider-Man title to draw for Marvel, ‘Spider-Man 2099’”.
The idea of the Creative Space is to set up an open studio, designed to eliminate the barriers in the creative industry between freelancers, students or emerging artists, and professionals. In this way, creatives are free to bounce ideas off mentors, working in a space where creative energy is nurtured and creativity is king.
Will, and Shane Cronin of CIT’s Department of Online Delivery managed the event over the course of a one-week period, with strong support from a number of different areas at CIT, and attendance from a wide spectrum of professions. Cork Creative Space is also supported by Cork County Council Arts Office.
“The success of the event was due in no small part to the three mentors present in the space over the week,” says Shane Cronin, “Will, Shaun O’Connor, who is an award winning film director, and another CIT Multimedia BA Hons graduate, and Concept Artist, Eva Widermann.
With the Year of Design 2015 fast approaching, Cork Creative Space shows a lot of promise for a more permanent fixture in the near future in Cork.”
For more details on the Creative Space Cork initiative visit https://www.facebook.com/CreativeSpaceCork














Shaun O'Connor, Will Sliney and Eva Widermann at Cork Creatve Space pilot initiative at CIT.












Cork Creatve Space pilot initiative at CIT

Photographer: Shane Cronin


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