Launch of STEM Ambassador Programme at CIT

Launch of STEM Ambassador Programme at CIT

Published on: Wednesday, 12 November 2014

As part of its broader STEM engagement strategy, the Faculty of Engineering & Science in CIT has just launched its STEM Ambassador Programme.

This programme has been developed to create a pool of STEM Ambassadors who will represent the Faculty at various events which promote STEM to all sectors of society. Events such as those associated with SciFest, Discovery, VexRobotics, Coder Dojo, Engineers Ireland etc. will be attended by CIT STEM Ambassadors who will work at information stands, organise demonstrations and interact with the next generation of STEM students.

“We are delighted that CIT STEM research students will be available to engage with all who are interested in learning more about engineering, science and technology”, says Michael Loftus, Head of Faculty of Engineering & Science in CIT. “Our Ambassadors are ideally placed to provide insights into cutting edge STEM research developments in a way which is accessible to all. Their work will stimulate interest in STEM and help attract future generations of talented students to study, research and work in STEM-related fields.”


Details of the first team of CIT STEM Ambassadors are set out below.



Research Area

Conor Lynch


Predictive control of a micro-grid

John Gamble


Sediment transport in the river Bandon

Damilola A. Asaleye


Energy engineering

Karen O’Sullivan


Investigation of known and opioid peptides and methods to determine their presence in complex matrices

Ken O’Connell


Off-shore wave energy converters using numerical methods

Quang An Phan


Energy management for a micro-grid

Fan Zhang


An optimal milk production model selection algorithm for heterogeneous on-farm data topologies

Darren Dawson


Biomechanical modelling for motion analysis

Vaibhav Savant


Optimisation of performance of autonomous remotely operated optical telescopes

Sinead Tangney


Beneficial Reuses of Marine Sediments



L-R: Damilola Asaleye, Sinead Tangney, Ken O’Connell, John Gamble, Conor Lynch, Darren Dawson, Fan Zhang, Karen O’Sullivan, Vaibhav Savant, Quang An Phan



L-R: Conor Lynch and Sinead Tangney



L-R: Conor Lynch shows the way forward to Michael Loftus, Head of Faculty



L-R: CIT STEM Ambassadors “point out the way”

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