NEW CAO Course > CR335 Biological Sciences (Common Entry)

NEW CAO Course > CR335  Biological Sciences (Common Entry)

Published on: Tuesday, 20 January 2015



CIT has launched a new Common Entry Biological Sciences Programme, a two-year course designed for students interested in Biological Sciences as a career, but who may be unsure of which specific discipline to follow. Application is by means of CAO – course code CR 335

The scheme gives students the opportunity to see the three disciplines areas, first hand, through the various modules on offer, interaction with lecturers, and industrial site visits.  This allows the student to make an informed decision on their discipline of study.

On successfully completing this 2-year programme, students can enter the third year programme of their choice from any of the following Honours Biological Science Degrees:

(a) CR330 BSc (Honours) in Herbal Science
(b) CR333 BSc (Honours) in Nutrition and Health Science
(c) CR325 BSc (Honours) in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology




















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