Connected Health Platforms Developed At Nimbus to Imporove Standards Of Care

Connected Health Platforms Developed At Nimbus to Imporove Standards Of Care

Published on: Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Nimbus Centre at CIT is expanding its health division by applying research undertaken to health and assisted living projects. Projects under development are diverse, from a wireless incontinence monitor to a virtual rehabilitation gaming environment.

Nimbus is Ireland’s only centre dedicated to embedded systems research, developing technology that connects us all under the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to the expansion of the internet to the physical world, bringing everyday objects into the digital realm. This technology has potentially life-saving applications for health.

“Becoming more connected can have positive implications on our health and safety,” says Jane O’Flynn, Head of the ALPHA group (Assisted Living and Personal Health Applications) at Nimbus. “Research undertaken at Nimbus includes motion detection, wireless sensors and much more. IoT technology could have life-saving applications in a nursing home environment and other assisted-living contexts.”

The technology developed at Nimbus has a strong focus on user-friendliness, especially when aimed towards the more vulnerable people in society. Jane continued “These products are of no help to anyone if people can’t use them. This is particularly important for products directed towards the elderly – we are bridging the digital divide between generations by ensuring that everything developed is easy to use.”

Safety applications include working with Dee O’Leary of iDME, who sells children’s wristbands that include vital information should the child become lost. Having won the IoT competition at Nimbus’ Industry Open Day last June, a team are now working with Dee to give her product location-tracking capabilities. Companies with health and safety ideas that could possibly be enhanced by technology are welcome to contact Nimbus to see whether their ideas could be technically implemented – send Jane an email at

Jane says: “Smart technology developed at Nimbus can really improve patients’ standard of care, and our standard of living in general. As the world becomes more digital, it’s important we use emerging technologies to our advantage to improve our quality of life.”

The Nimbus Centre was founded in 2006 and supports three individual pillars: research, learning and industry. Companies who have availed of Nimbus’ services include Intel, EMC, Philips and Bord Gais, it also work extensively with start-ups and SMEs. For more details visit

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