Cork Colleges Progression Scheme


In addition to the general QQI entry arrangements, MTU Cork Campus has a scheme for the admission of students who successfully complete courses in linked Further Education and Training Colleges in Cork called the Cork Colleges Progression Scheme (CCPS).


Students applying for Year 1 will be made offers in Round 0 (start of August) on the QQI quota basis. Specific entry criteria for QQI applicants (also including students from CCPS colleages) is listed on the CAO website. 


During CAO Round 1 and subsequent rounds, CCPS applicants may still receive an offer, subject to place availability.


CCPS students applying for Year 2 entry will be reviewed and made offers based on criteria highlighted in the CCPS Course Links Document (below).


Note: There is no entry to year 2 of Social Care Work- MT573.


The FE Colleges participating in the Cork Colleges Progession Scheme are

  • Cork College of FET Morrison's Island Campus
  • Cork College of FET West Cork Campus
  • Cork College of FET Tramore Road Campus
  • Cork College of FET Douglas Street Campus
  • Cork College of FET Kinsale Campus
  • Cork College of FET Mallow Campus
  • Cork College of FET Knocknaheeny Centre

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Application to CCPS

Steps for applying under the Cork Colleges Progression Scheme:

Step 1: Ensure you first apply via CAO (for Year 1 &/or Year 2 <via Advanced Entry>, or both if eligible)

Step 2: Fill an online CCPS application form


Apply Online >>


The deadline for CCPS applications is 1st May 2024.


Applicants to MTU Cork Year 1 and Year 2

  • Students taking a full QQI Level 5 or Level 6 award linked under the CCPS to a specific course in MTU Cork Campus may apply for year 1 entry.
  • Students taking a full QQI Level 6 award linked under the CCPS to a specific course in MTU Cork Campus may apply for year 2 entry. We strongly advise to apply for both year 1 and year 2.
  • Applicants to Year 1 and for Year 2 must first apply for the MTU Cork course(s) through the CAO.
  • CAO standard deadline: 1st February 2024 at 5pm. 
  • Late CAO applications are accepted up to the 1st May 2024 for non-restricted courses from candidates.Information on restricted courses can be found here- 

Applicants to year 1 and/or year 2 need to complete online the CCPS application form

  • The FET College will be informed of your CCPS online application by  the MTU Cork Campus Admissions Office.
  • The minimum requirement for Year 1 entry onto courses in MTU Cork is a full QQI Level 5 Award. Details of requirements are outlined on the CAO website.
  • The minimum requirement for year 2 entry is successful completion of your full QQI Level 6 Award with 5 merits.
  • Some courses in MTU Cork Campus may have more specific requirements. Log onto for course requirements. 
  • For QQI Level 6 students, it is strongly advised that you also apply through the CAO for year 1 entry, as year 2 entry is not guaranteed.
  • If successful, students will receive an offer through the CAO at round 0, round 1 or round 2. Specific dates for each CAO round will be available here



Admissions Office- MTU Cork Campus 


Phone: 021 4335041

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