EU Film Project

CIT was a partner institution in a film project which involved students who visited CIT as part of the Erasmus programme.

The outcome of this project was a film called 'The Convoy'

The Convoy

Alexandra and Florian, 'Erasmus' exchange students, are off on a road movie across Europe to learn about discrimination as practised in our societies.They draw inspiration from reading the personal diary kept by a 27-year-old Jewish woman in Amsterdam, Etty Hillesum, between 1941 and 1943. Etty testifies to an unflagging faith in human beings at a time when they were perpetrating their blackest deeds: "I know everything," she writes. "and yet life is beautiful to me and full of meaning. At every moment."Through the people they meet along the way, in Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Berlin and Auschwitz, the young reporters become aware of the forces at work in the past and to which we must consciously pay heed, so as not to yield to fear and hatred.Each of the witnesses seems to be saying to us: "Where is Life in our society today?

You can view the english language version of 'The Convoy' by going to the following website

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