New Website

Cork Institute of Technology has undertaken a project aimed at enhancing the look and feel as well as the usability of the site. These changes have been developed with the help of website usage and usability data. Further upgrades and services will be added in the coming weeks and months.


Browser Cache

Users viewing this website for the first time since the upgrade, are advised to refresh their browsers or delete brower cache if experiencing any issues. Some users, particularly using Internet Explorer 9, have had to delete browser cache to ensure their computers were not loading a copy of the old website saved locally on their computers.

Internet browsers normally save cached data for certain information about webpages you visit, so that they'll load more quickly in the future rather than downloading all files each time.

To delete browser cache in IE9 please do the following:

  • Keep your finger on the ALT key, which shows your menu options
  • In Browsing History, click the DELETE button
  • Ensure Temporary Internet Files is checked and click DELETE


For instructions on how to clear browser cache on other internet browers please visit's-Cache


Should you require any further assistance with this website, please email or contact the IT Services Support Desk.







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