Researching Careers

Researching Careers

It is also beneficial to know what the jobs market is like and to get to know where there is likely to be growth in the future.

According to Ireland’s ‘Expert Group on Future Skills Needs’ (2009) there are no labour shortages at present.  However, there are currently skills shortages in the following areas; specialised high skill areas of IT, Science, Sales/Marketing, Health, Accountancy, Engineering and Management.  Read more on and

You can research different careers on the following websites;

For even greater insight into careers think about;

  • Talking to friends and family members about the jobs they are doing.
  • Work Shadowing – this involves spending a day or more with someone who works in the career area of interest to you.  Observing them in their day-to-day job can help you to decide if that job/career area is for you.


The normal closing date for applications (online or paper) is February 1st by 5.15pm. After the 1st May and until the 1st July you may, if you wish, register a change of course choice. (However, you cannot add a restricted-application course for the first time using the Change of Mind process). You should retain a record of your application information as well as all correspondence with the CAO.


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