Research Integrity

Responsible Research and Innovation is at the heart of CIT’s research and innovation system. CIT is committed to ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and rigour, and to the accuracy and integrity in all aspects of research.

CIT is a member of the National Forum on Research Integrity, the membership of which is drawn from research funders, research performing organisations and other relevant organisations. CIT adheres to the National Policy Statement on Ensuring Research Integrity in Ireland.

As part of a national initiative undertaken by all HEIs in 2018, CIT commenced the rollout of the Research Integrity training programme to all staff and students involved in research. The training programme is delivered online via Epigeum Impact (part of Oxford University Press). The Epigeum course includes a robust certification framework based on the key learner outcomes. The assessment is delivered using randomly selected questions to ensure learners can demonstrate knowledge across the breadth of the course before being awarded a certificate upon completion of the course test.

All active researchers in the Institute are requested to undertake this training.

If you are interested in undergoing the training programme please contact the Research Office at who will be able to assist you with access to the online course.

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