MTU has designed its courses in a very flexible way in order to give you the option of graduating at different levels – bachelor degree, honours bachelor degree, professional and postgraduate. This “Ladder” enables you to progress through the system to qualifications appropriate to your personal requirements.

Options at Entry

There are two main entry streams for full-time students. MTU offers “ab-initio” honours degrees. (Ab-initio means “from the beginning”). Students commit to the full four year honours degree programme from the start. These courses are shown in the CAO Level 8 list.

Alternatively, we have a great variety of Bachelor degree programmes of three years duration, which are shown in the Level 7 list. Most of these have the option to add on another year of study to gain an Honours Degree.

Many of our three-year bachelor degree programmes also have an “exit option” after two years. Students who successfully complete Year 2 of these programmes and who do not wish to progress to Year 3 will receive a Higher Certificate award.


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