Non-Standard Applicants

Special Category (Non-Standard) Applicants

Certain applicants may be assessed on a basis different from the CAO Points System. These are called Special Category or Non-Standard Applicants. There are six categories, and these are detailed on Page 3 of the CAO Application Form. If you wish to be considered as a special category applicant you should tick the relevant box on Page 3 of the CAO form.


MTU welcomes applications from Special Category Applicants and those who wish to be considered as such should fill out the appropriate section of the CAO Application Form. In addition, applicants may be invited for interview for some courses. Special Category Applicants are of course entitled to be assessed on the same basis as any other applicant on the basis of points achieved. This means that Special Category applicants will be credited with the Leaving Certificate points that they may have obtained.


Late Applications (Special Category)

MTU recommends that Special Category Applicants apply by 1st February, however applications will be accepted up to 1st May.


The principal special category types of applicant are as follows:

Mature Students

To be eligible under this category, applicants must be 23 years old by 1st January of the proposed year of entry. Mature students should fill out the appropriate section of the CAO Application Form.


Such applicants may not be required to have the minimum entry requirements. Relevant work experience, skills gained through experiential learning and other qualifications will be considered in the assessment of these applications.


Queries may be sent to  or phone 021 4335109.


Please note:  Late applications are not accepted from Mature Students.


International Students

International applicants from both within and from outside the EU are very welcome in MTU.

Please contact the MTU Cork Campus International Office

T: +353 (0)21 433 5300


This category includes GCE A-Level and AS Level, and GCSE/OLevel.


Other School-Leaving Exams
The CAO form has a section for the description of other school-leaving exams, including those obtained outside Ireland.


Further Education (see also the FETAC section)

  • FETAC/NCVA qualifications achieved in 1999 or earlier.
  • Students holding National Craft Certificate, Senior Trades or NTCB qualifications (for example) may be considered for entry to a course related to the qualification.
  • Post-Leaving Certificate (non FETAC) qualifications may be considered and will be assessed individually.
Higher Education

(Institutes of Technology, Universities, Colleges of Education etc.) The CAO form has space for details of such study.

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